Blog Audit

It feels great working on your blog until you start to wonder if things could be better.

  • You love the design but does it make sense to your audience?
  • You think you’re a great writer but is the content really connecting?
  • People should be signing up for your mailing list but they aren’t. Why?
  • Are the post titles good enough to grab someone’s attention?

When it comes to your blog you just want to know if you can do better and more specifically WHAT you can do better.

What’s what you’ll get with our Blog Audit.

After working with 1000s of bloggers we know what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it’s a simple change and other times you might need to rebuild the foundation.

More importantly, you just need to know what to do.

With our blog audit we will do a full review of your blog. We will look at:

  • design
  • content
  • opt-ins

And see if everything comes together as you think it does.

We’re Giving You Two Tiers

If you are confident in changing things up on your site on your own and you feel like you can take the recommendations we give and make them without a problem, then the first tier should work for you.

Tier 1 ($149) gets you a PDF with our observations and recommendations and a video walkthrough audit of your site.

Tier 2 ($649) is for you if you don’t feel confident making changes to your site on your own. Or if you’d just rather not spend the time making them.

Tier 2 means I’ll do the design changes for you to Generate Press. You will need to purchase Generate Press Premium [$49] if you don’t already use it.

So think of this as a professional redesign of your blog along with an audit for $649.

10 Spots Total for December

As this is a service that means time equals money so when we offer Blog Audits we can only open the door for a number of people.

In December, we have 10 spots open. 5 for Tier 1 and 5 for Tier 2.

First come, first serve.

When you purchase we’ll let you know within 48 hours when you should expect your blog audit to arrive. If you purchase Tier 2 we’ll give you a timeline for expecting the design to be completed after the audit is complete.

Sound good?