Traffic Accelerator

You have a blog. You want traffic.

Traffic is basically oxygen for your blog.

Without it, it dies.

Of course, you don’t just want any traffic just like you don’t want any air.

You want quality traffic. You want the type of traffic where people have the intention of reading your content because they are looking for something specific.

That means organic traffic. That good traffic you get from search engines.

SEO might seem complicated. So much so that you don’t even want to bother with it, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you had the right content strategy laid out and followed it then you could start ranking for keywords. You could start to get organic traffic.

The more keywords that you rank for, the more traffic that you get.

The more traffic that you get, the happier that you are.

The bigger you will grow your mailing list. The more money you will make.

But it’s more than just a lot of work hunting down the right keywords, figuring out what posts to write, coming up with awesome post titles, and in general just knowing what to do next.

It also takes some SEO savvy to be able to get all of that right so that you’re not wasting your time on the wrong things.

You know you can get traffic if you were just allowed to put your head down and create content.

No worrying about what to write next. No worrying about keyword research. No worrying about getting the perfect post title.

You just create.

And for that you need plan.

The Traffic Accelerator

This is where the Traffic Accelerator comes into play.

The goal is to increase your organic traffic, traffic from search engines, to 10,000 more visits a month.


With content cycles.

When you sign up we’ll do an audit specific to your site & niche and you’ll get a content cycle which will include:

  • The next 10 posts you will write
  • Both their main and long-tail keywords
  • Post titles
  • Pinterest board names to pin to (if you use Pinterest)

After that you create your content, publish it, and then come back for another content cycle.

We don’t stop creating content cycles for you until you’ve increased your organic visits by 10,000 or more depending on the Tier that you select.

More Traffic. More Money.

It’s quite simple.

The more organic traffic you bring in, the more money you make.

It doesn’t matter if it’s through ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products and services.

This is something in which you’re guaranteed a return on investment.

Once you start to pull in organic traffic and continue to use what we show you, the traffic will continue to build as Google places more and more trust in your site.

The gurus call that compound growth.

It sounds fun.

The Usual Questions

Here are some of the usual questions that are asked. If you don’t see your question here then be sure to email me at

Will this work for any niche?

As long as the niche supports the traffic tier you’re aiming for then yes. And we’ve yet to work in a niche that couldn’t achieve at least 10,000 monthly organic visitors.

How long in-between content cycles?

As soon as you finish one content cycle another one will be waiting for you. The goal is to continue to produce content so you can get more keywords ranked and reach your traffic goal sooner.

How long will this take?

Honestly? As long as it needs to. Our goal is to help you reach yours as quickly as possible and we’ll use every SEO tactic that is feasible to make that happen.

If you already have an established site your chances of ranking faster are higher than someone starting from scratch.

We will not send you content that we don’t think you can rank for.